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Surgery LIFE Enhancement's Phallocare clinic was created in 1996 by Dan Salas, a world renowned expert in both surgical and non-surgical penis enlargement solutions. 

Dan has counseled thousands of men about penis enlargement and has assisted the surgical team in over 4,000 procedures over the years. 

In addition to his experience in the operating room, Dan has also implemented and designed his own line of stretching and enlargement products which can be utilized both by surgical patients to maximize their results as well as those men who do not undergo surgical enlargement. 

Dan is a true pioneer in the field of penis enlargement and has been featured in major media publications such as the BBC, Playboy, and the OC Weekly. 

Most importantly, Dan is a Phalloplasty patient who was born small but achieved tremendous results himself, so he has a unique understanding and ability to build relationships and trust with his own patients who share many of the same feelings on this very sensitive subject for men.